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Consulting Firm in Burlington, Ontario


Consulting Services

A consulting firm in Burlington, Ontario that works with individuals and organizations to help see and create opportunities in your business and employees.


Strategic Coaching

World-class International Experience. Executive Coaching, VIP Days, bespoke learning and development programs.

HR Consulting

HR Consulting in Burlington and Toronto. Advisory on key business initiatives and projects for Strategic HR management.


Real Estate Photography. Bespoke photography clients and projects in Burlington and Toronto. Just call today!

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“Work (truly) is Love made Visible – Khalil Gibran (The Prophet)”.


Who We Are

CHM Thomas Inc. is a consulting firm that works with individual leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations to ensure that the following is in sync: People, Processes (Technology) and Places.

CHM Thomas Inc. business consultants helps their clients develop their people through coaching and the creation of bespoke development opportunities or products to ensure a sustainable transformation and profitability on every level.

CHM Thomas Inc. aims to support and deliver excellence on our client’s business needs, first-time – every time.

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Cindy Thomas

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Michael Thomas


What We Believe

1. Courage & Compassion – we believe in the power of true and sustainable transformation through positive relationships.

2. Honesty & Happiness – we believe that through listening and learning we create the space for positive outcomes.

3. Meaning (Money) & Mindset is everything – we believe in exploring the infinite possibilities and that where there is a will there is a way ensuring that we deliver on our commitments every time.

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“Work (truly) is Love made Visible – Khalil Gibran (The Prophet)”.